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Founded in 2021, SQUADZA Private Limited is a registered Transformational Training and Coaching business in Singapore.

We are the BEST CHOICE!

Features of Our Transformational Services

Why Choose Us?

Because #WeCareEnough .

We create opportunities for growth through sharing of knowledge and strategies to nurture every individual through fun and proven methods to transform into better contributors to the community.

#WeShare #WeConnect #WeTransform

Dedicated & Professional

Our Squad of Facilitators are experienced and registered with the Ministry of Education. Most importantly, we are dedicated to make a Transformational Impact.

Your Safest Choice

Our Squad of Facilitators are equipped with life saving skills and are certified First Aiders and AED operators. Have a a great time while you know you are in good hands.

Your Trusted Provider

We NEVER let you down. Our quality of service never goes down, it only improves. Once you know us, you'll never need to find anyone else. We strive for excellence.


Popular Online Courses

Our presence are not only in the real-world but also virtually! This is to cater to our international clients and customers. 

We are coach regardless of location and timezone!


Knowledge opens the door to opportunity, achievement and success.



Human connections are deeply nurtured with a shared story. 



Experience a positive Transformational Change with our programmes.


Our Approach

Based on years of experience, these are our proven approach to Transformational Change.


Trusted by Thousand of Students and Clients

4,392 Ratings
Based on Overall Customer Satisfaction Surveys
“The one-day comprehensive workshop in motivating students and allowing them to understand themselves and their peers a little better. The lead trainers were spontaneous and did not let the small class size dampen the vibe. Kudos to Mr. Qisti who has a good memory of all the students’ names and effortlessly makes them feel comfortable in the training process."
Ms Elenor Tan - Class Teacher
"Thank you to the instructors for running the workshop. Despite Covid-19 restrictions, they manage to run the program successfully. I can see my students enjoy the session and hopefully the can form meaningful relationships with their classmates. Thanks again for your efforts."
Mr Aideal - Class Teacher
“The workshop was interesting and i am very certain that my students enjoyed it. They had a good time here as they have limited opportunity to interact with each other. The workshop also allowed some of them to understand on how they can cope when they are placed under stressful situations. The trainers are excellent! Thank you.”
Mr Leong - Class Teacher
“Despite the students being typically shy and introverted, they learnt to open up and let their hair down. They were pleasantly surprised to be engaged and truly enjoyed themselves. The trainers are very engaging and they are good observers and involved every single student in the room. 11/10!
Ms Tricia Lee - Class Teacher

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