Because #WeCareEnough.

We create opportunities for growth through sharing of knowledge and strategies to nurture every individual through fun and proven methods to transform into better contributors to the community.

#WeShare #WeConnect #WeTransform

Founded in 2021, SQUADZA Private Limited is a registered Training and Coaching
business in Singapore with the aim to be the BEST in providing transformational and
enrichment programmes.

 Since, SQUADZA has continuously strived towards impacting transformational change
with our unique brand of “Nurturing. Fun. People.” Through local and international
collaboration, SQUADZA seeks to strengthen and widen the transformational changes
for future leaders to be ever-ready.

The Squadza Journey:  Transformational Learning

 You are not defined by one day, good or bad, but what you do about it; about how you move forward. If you take responsibility and change, anything is possible.


Knowledge opens the door to opportunity, achievement and success.



Human connections are deeply nurtured with a shared story. 



Experience a positive Transformational Change with our programmes.


Our Approach

Based on years of experience, these are our proven approach to Transformational Change.

Founder's Message

Everyone has their own journey to sail and their own story to write. We are here, as catalyst, to nurture and inspire transformational change through fun and engaging means. We are leaders and pioneers of our generation for the future generations. We stand by our core beliefs of #WeShare, #WeConnect and #WeTransform because #WeCareEnough. 

We, SQUADZA, are committed to transforming lives for the better. 

We are here to make a difference.

Founder, CEO 


Mr. Qisti R Putra

Where we have left our Transformational Footprints.

What Others Say?

Credits: Yayasan Mendaki

A speech by Singapore’s Parliament Secretary 

Mr. Eric Chua titled Every Youth Has Potential

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