Who Are We?

We are the SQUAD that creates opportunities for growth through sharing of knowledge and strategies to nurture every individual through fun and proven methods to transform into better contributors to the community. 

Because #WeCareEnough.

Founded in 2021, SQUADZA Private Limited is a registered Training and Coaching business in Singapore with the aim to be the BEST in providing transformational and
enrichment programmes.

 Since, SQUADZA has continuously strived towards impacting transformational change
with our unique brand of “Nurturing. Fun. People.” Through local and international
collaboration, SQUADZA seeks to strengthen and widen the transformational changes
for future leaders to be ever-ready.

Why Us?

Dedicated & Professional

Our Squad of Facilitators are experienced and registered with the Ministry of Education. Most importantly, we are dedicated to make a Transformational Impact.

Your Safest Choice

Our Squad of Facilitators are equipped with life saving skills and are certified First Aiders and AED operators. Have a a great time while you know you are in good hands.

Your Trusted Provider

We NEVER let you down. Our quality of service never goes down, it only improves. Once you know us, you’ll never need to find anyone else. We strive for excellence.

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